At “Extension” Rasmus Danø shows a number of new works consisting of graphic works, paintings and relief / sculpture that form an overall flow in the exhibition space. This includes the paintings “The Player” and The Speaker “from 1997, which draws threads forward to the brand new works.

“Extension” is a procedural chain reaction of works in which the correspondence between the works is just as meaningful as the individual work in itself.

The figuration is cut to the bone in a particular idiom, where particularly the circle goes again. It works on a symbolic level as a beginning and an ending.

Also cut or line in its pure form, which conjures up illusions of space is available.

The color is generally red, white and black, which has a strong intrinsic graphic and symbolic nature.

The works suggest being digitally or industrial series production, but upon closer inspection it is seen that they are all produced by analogy. With the inherent biases and errors that occur in the analog process suggests Danø a silent protest against society’s attempts at unification. There is always another way out and away. You just need to look for to find it.

“There are templates enough to deal with in the community, but perhaps it is a basic precondition for the whole thing to collapse. Working analogously, particularly with graphics, is a kind of template work, which mostly just needs to be considered before embarking. Personally I use the templates in everyday life, but in the artistic process, degrade I like these if a new and better idea crop up along the way … or if the material suddenly says from and going in a different direction. It is in the small deviations I find a kind of peace and fulfillment … when the work of art gives splinters in your fingers. “R. Danø 2016