Vintersol, 2014

Fragments from Another Civilizations Meltdown and The Revelation in the Leftovers from Yesterday’s Last Supper.
Installation / Rasmus Danø / 2014

The installation for the exhibition Vintersol are a kind of constructed scenario, that simulate the traditional set up´s at natural history museums staging a costume, weapon, shields, flag and a fireplace, surrounding a sculpture whose structure mimics both the 2nd worldwar German bunkers located along the Danish westcoast and at the same time the Inca Indians temple buildings from South America. Therefore, all parts also are presented like ”used” relics from the distant past or or through the fusion maybe an imminent future.
Rasmus Danø often work with contradictions and in this case between analouge role-playing as Dungeons and Dragons from the boy’s room and the ”fictive play” in reality TV and it´s entry into the private sphaere. The work points therfore both at tradition and innovation, and invite the viewer be part of the installation and get him/her to play with thoughts about their own identity and staging.